Cleansing Balm

A beautiful blend of natural ingredients with no harsh surfactants, these cleansing balms will gently wash away your make-up leaving your skin refreshed and hydrated.  Luxury Facial Balms are made to order.

The best way to use a Cleansing Balm is to scoop a pea size amount out of pot and gently massage into damp skin. The Cleansing Balm will then emulsify, massage into skin for a couple of minutes and let the Cleansing Balm penetrate and remove dirt, grime, sebum and then use a hot muslin cloth or similar to wipe away and leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. 

Spritz your floral hydrolat after use to close your pores and restore skin to its correct PH level  

Fragranced with Essential Oils for a spa like experience. 

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