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Crystal Candle with Red Jasper and Freesia Parfum

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Beautiful Handmade Crystal Candle made from a vegan candle wax which results in a clean burn and a good scent throw.  This candle has been imbued and blessed with Angelic Reiki and has Red Jasper crystals sprinkled on the top.  

Please ensure that you do not leave candles unattended and close to anything the might cause a fire hazard.  Crystals and botanicals should be removed before lighting the candle.  Trim the wick to 5mm before burning and ensure wick is trimmed between burns.  Ensure candle is placed on a heatproof surface to avoid damage.

Candles are made to order so you can rest assured they will arrive freshly made.  Candles can be personalised with a special message to a loved one