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Handmade Luxury Dessert Candle with Whipped Wax fragranced with Green Apples Parfum

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This is a beautiful handmade luxury Dessert Cake Candle with Whipped Wax fragranced with Green Apples Parfum which smells just like a fresh cut apple.   Made with stunning Whipped Wax which is plant based, cotton wicks and good quality candle glasses.  All Dessert Candles are vegan and only made from plant based ingredients.

This handmade luxury Dessert Candle will make the perfect pressie to gift to a loved one.  It has a strong fragrance with a good hot and cold scent throw.

Remember to always allow your candle to burn with a full melt pool across the whole candle which will avoid tunnelling.  Burn for at least 3 hours, but no longer than 4 hours and remember to trim the wick regularly after each burn.

Always place high top dessert candle with whipped wax on a heat resistant flat surface to avoid any damage to sufaces should they drip.  

Leave .5cm of candle wax at the bottom of the candle and remember that we can recycle your candle jars so please save them for us if you are local.  We will give you a 10% discount off our website as a thank you to avoid glasses being recycled.

Available in Medium and Large sizes

This will make the perfect special occasion candle gift, Mother's Day Gift, Valentine's Gift.

Personalised label can also be added to the candle.

Large size 600g

Medium size 400g