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Handmade Xmas Piped Whipped Wax Dessert Candle with Snuggles parfum

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Imagine a beautifully handmade whipped wax dessert candle called “Snuggles”. This is a Xmas inspired candle and is a dupe of a popular candle scent. With notes of green holly and rosemary followed by notes of pimento and holly berries, willow, pine cones and fir tree foliage on a base of cedar, musk and ambergris.

Made with a blended plant wax ensuring a good scent throw and beautiful slow burn that will envelope your home in this fabulous aroma  a great gift or statement piece of your Xmas table  

With cute little Xmas embed Wax Melts that you can either remove or leave to burn naturally with the candle. These include Father Xmas, Snowman and Xmas Tree gently nestled in the wax. A piped top makes for an extra special candle called Xmas Wreath.

Candles are made to order if not already in stock so there could be 4 days processing time.  Candles will be well packaged and sent in a cardboard box - second class signed with Royal Mail or similar.

Candle should be lit for 3 hours on it's first burn to avoid the candle tunneling. Subsequent burns will ensure a good wax pool and should be no longer than 4 hours. Ensure that you regularly trim your wick and burn for longer periods for best performance.


Trim the week of your candle every time you burn it to 1/4"

Ensure you burn the candle for at least 3-4 hours on your first burn to ensure the candle doesn't tunnel.

Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours

Do not leave your candle unattended

Always place your candle on a flat, fire resistant surface

Use a snuffer to put out the flame

Keep the candle away from children and pets

Keep away from flammable materials

Candles will be sent Tracked via Royal Mail and candle care cards will be included with every candle.