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Handmade Luxury Whipped Wax Dessert Candle Wood Sage & Sea Salt Parfum

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This is a handmade luxury whipped wax dessert inspired candle made with a plant Wax which ensures a wonderfully clean burn with no soot present. This vegan plant wax candle has a stunning whipped wax top and wax melts have been fragranced with the popular bestselling fragrance Wood Sage & Sea Salt Parfum

Wax Melts have been placed on the top infused with the same scent as the candle. You can burn this separately or leave it inside your candle to melt.

DESIGNS AND COLOURS MAY VARY as all are handmade. They have Orange Wax Melt embeds with a base which is pastel orange.  Always place on a heat resistant surface just in case they dribble.  The coconut wax gives a wonderful hot and cold throw scent.  

Allow a full melt pool to form on the first burn to avoid tunnelling - normally 3 hours - do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours.

Candle Care cards are sent with every candle which is boxed. Candles are sent tracked via Royal Mail