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Soap Handmade Coconut Milk & Blue Poppy Seed using Cold Process method

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This is our Hero product and is so popular. This is a beautiful handmade Coconut Milk and Blue Poppy Seed cold process soap. This handmade soap will be beautifully moisturising on your skin resulting in a rich lather. It is packed with blue poppy seeds that add a good exfoliation and is gently fragranced with a Coconut & Waterfall fragrance oil which smells so good.  Great for using after waxing or shaving to avoid ingrowing hairs, it's also great to use if you're a gardener or need a really good soap to get your hands squeaky clean.  This is a real wake me up in the morning soap and is so refreshing  

My soaps are all made with Olive Oil, Rapeseed Oil, unrefined Shea butter, unrefined virgin cold pressed coconut oil, & castor oil.

See my Instagram for info on my soaps and soap making process.  All my soaps have been tried and tested before I retail them  and have been assessed by a chemist. I hold CPSR’s for all my products so you can be safe in the knowledge that they are safe to use 

For best results leave your soap standing In a soap dish so the air can get to it. Do not leave it sitting in water or it may go slimy  

You can choose from large size or small size at checkout.  The large bars are big weighing 90-100g, small bars weigh 30-50g and are wrapped in beautiful seed paper. Sample bars weigh 8-10g 

Depending on size of order soaps are sent in cardboard boxes and are sent tracked  via Royal Mail or courier for large orders.

I am happy to provide a gift box and a handwritten message with your soaps  please also select Gift Box at checkout  and include the name, address and message to recipient in the box.