Spa Bars with Himalayan Sea Salt

Salt Bars are a wonderful addition to Soap packed with Himalayan Sea Salt they give a gentle exfoliation to your skin which will increase blood supply and help release old skin cells and renewal of new skin cells.  They are fragranced with Essential Oils.

Himalayan Sea Salt is also a wonderful detoxifier and can help your body release heavy metals and toxins.  Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is a great toner too and will help to balance your skin's natural PH levels.

Available in Small and Large Bars.  They have a slightly coarser texture because of the salt and are not smooth but they are made with fine grade himalayan sea salt which means they will not be scratchy. 

Natural Salt Bar fragranced with Rosemary or Lavender  Essential Oils and French Green or Pink Clay.   These bars have no additional colouring added so it is just the Himalayan Sea Salt and clay that gives them their colour.



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