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Handmade Dessert Candle with Whipped Wax Piping and Wax Melt Embeds with parfum

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This is a stunning pure white luxury dessert candle and is aptly named Pure.  All our candles are handmade Luxury Dessert Candles with Whipped Wax Piping and Wax Melt Embeds with a delightful dupe of the popular Shalimar classic parfum.

White in colour with no wax melts added but it does have a beautiful shimmer to the top of the candle. All our handmade luxury dessert candles are made from a beautiful vegan plant based wax which gives and excellent hot and cold throw and give a lovely clean burn.  Candle Care cards are included with every candle.

Large candles are 30cl and weigh approx 600g burn time is 45 hours

medium candles are 20cl and weigh approx 400g - burn time is 30 hours

Votives are 10cm and weigh approx 100g - burn time is 15 hours

Designs may vary slightly.  Always place candles of heat resistant flat surface, not directly on furniture.