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Candle Large Highly Scented with Wax Melt Embeds Vanilla Latte Parfum

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Indulge in the Coffee Shop Dream: Our Whipped Vanilla Latte Candle

Calling all coffee lovers! This isn't your average candle; it's a whipped vanilla latte dream come true. Handcrafted by us, this luxurious candle is a bestseller for a reason. It's available in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for any room or occasion.

A Whipped Wonderland:

The star of the show is the whipped wax, a signature feature that elevates the entire experience. This light and fluffy texture creates a delightful visual element and ensures a clean, even burn throughout the candle's lifespan. Made with plant wax to give a nice slow burn and good hot and cold scent throw.

The Perfect Coffee Fix (Without the Caffeine Jitters):

Close your eyes and inhale deeply. The captivating Vanilla Latte parfum transports you to your favourite coffee shop. Rich, roasted coffee beans mingle with the sweet creaminess of vanilla, creating a warm and inviting aroma. This isn't a harsh, burnt coffee scent - it's the perfect balance of sweetness and depth, the olfactory equivalent of a perfectly brewed latte.

A Touch of Floral Finesse:

Adding a touch of elegance is a stunning flower wax melt embed, nestled within the whipped wax and infused with the same irresistible Vanilla Latte fragrance. This exquisite detail elevates the candle from simply functional to a true work of art.

Bespoke Luxury for Every Space:

The best part? You can choose the perfect size for your needs. Whether you're seeking a statement piece for your living room or a cozy companion for the bathroom, we have a size that fits the bill.

More than just a Candle, it's an Experience:

This handcrafted candle isn't just about filling a room with fragrance; it's about creating an experience. It's the perfect way to unwind after a long day, to add a touch of luxury to your morning routine, or to simply elevate the everyday.

Embrace the warmth and comfort of the Vanilla Latte Whipped Candle. Handmade with love by us, it's a bestseller waiting to become your new favorite indulgence.

Candle Care cards are included with every candle.

Large candles are 30cl and weigh approx 600g burn time is 45 hours

medium candles are 20cl and weigh approx 400g - burn time is 30 hours

Votives are 10cm and weigh approx 100g - burn time is 15 hours

Please note as these are all handmade to order the designs and colours may vary slightly. This luxury dessert candle is Gold, Cream, Brown in colour.

Designs may vary slightly.  Always place candles of heat resistant flat surface, not directly on furniture.