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Candle with Whipped Wax and Vanilla Latte Parfum

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This is a stunning handmade whipped wax Dessert Candle made with a plant based vegan wax which has a great scent load and offers a good hot and cold scent throw.  Hand piped with stunning Whipped Wax with a Soy Wax Melt Embed which is also fragranced with Vanilla Latte Parfum.

Imagine a sumptuous accord with notes of caramel, coffee, vanilla and a hint of almond.  This is a great coffee to pick for coffee lovers, not too sweet but with a good coffee scent that will fill your home with the scent of coffee beans and a sweet vanilla parfum.

 Please note there could be a 2 day processing time for some candles that go out of stock quickly, or if we have recently attended an event.  Designs and colours may vary.  This candle is neutral in colour, either beige, cream or cold.  Flower Wax Melt Embeds may also vary slightly. 

Candles are large in size 30cl with a burn time of over 40 hours.  All our Luxury Dessert Whipped Wax candles are sent in cardboard boxes with full tracking and are normally sent via Royal Mail.  If you need fast delivery this is no problem just send us a message at checkout.