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Candle Large 45hr burn Shalimar dupe Whipped Wax Candle

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 Large Luxury Candle made with plant wax to offer a beautiful slow burn and good scent throw fragranced with the class Shalimar classic dupe.

White/cream in colour it is pure in essence with no embeds  

A luxurious large candle with whipped wax, made with soy wax for a 45-hour burn time, would be an opulent addition to any space. This premium candle boasts a visually stunning whipped wax design that elevates its aesthetic appeal, making it a highly coveted home decor accessory that exudes elegance  

Crafted with high-quality soy wax, this candle ensures a cleaner and longer-lasting fragrance and burn, providing a delightful fragrance experience that lingers in the air. This is a premium home fragrance opulent whipped wax design candle. 

We have called this candle “Pure” as it is white in colour and simplicity.  Inspired by the classic Shalimar perfume dupe  

Top notes: Bergamot, Orange and Lemon
Middle notes: Iris, Rose and Jasmin
Base notes: White Woods, Tonka Bean and Vanilla 

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