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Solid Shampoo Bar NURTURE for Dry Damaged Hair no SLSA

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Beautiful Syndet Solid Shampoo Bars with no silicon or SLSA.  A Syndet Shampoo bar is a Solid Shampoo bar that contains natural surfactants (normally in powder or noodle form).  These are the rice like granules that you can see in the Solid Shampoo Bar.  These are not made with SLSA which is a common ingredient used in Syndet Bars.  Our aim was to not include this surfactant as it can be a little drying on the hair.  After much time and effort we managed to devise a formula that does not contain SLSA, it contains mild natural surfactants that doesn't compromise the lather or bubbles of the Solid Shampoo Bar.

These are concentrated bars and contain no water. The NURTURE shampoo bar is developed for dry and damaged hair. It includes but is not limited to:-

Conditioning Agents 

Avocado Oil which is super hydrating for dry hair

Unrefined, Raw Coconut Oil which is a great oil for hair as it’s able to penetrate the hair shaft  

French Green Clay adds hardness and colours the bar and is also hydrating to the hair

Pro Vitamin B

Aloe Vera Extract 

Bars Weigh minimum of 40g

Because this is a concentrated bar a little goes a long way so less is more  


Wet hair and bar 

Slide bar down hair shaft 4-5 times depending on length of hair.  Massage shampoo into hair.  Rinse well until squeaky clean and then use matching Conditioner Bar

Leave to dry out thoroughly between uses. Do not leave in full sunlight.  The Solid Conditioner Bars may melt in extreme temperatures

Avoid mucous membranes and direct contact with eyes.  For external use only.