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A lot of research has gone into carrier oils to ensure our products bring the very best benefits to your skin and hair. All the oils we used where possible are cold pressed, raw and unrefined which means the oils are not heat processed and retain their natural nutritional properties.

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Multimedia collage

Handmade Oat Milk & Oats Cold Process Soap with Lavender & Neroli Essential oilHandmade Oat and Oat Milk with Lavender and Neroli Essential Oil Soap
  • Discounted Soap Bundle x 10 of handmade cold pressed soaps in Essex made with Unrefined, Raw and Cold Pressed Oils and Butters

    Discounted Soap Bundles x 10

    Selection of 10 Random Soaps picked from my collections

  • Discounted Soap Bundles x20

    Selection of 20x random soap slices from my collection of Soap Bars.

  • Raspberry seed oil cold process soap

    Speciality Oils Cold Process Soaps

    Check out our beautiful selection of Speciality Oil cold process soaps including Raspberry Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil & Avocado Oils