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Cold Process Soap

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We care about your skin and hair and what you put on it....You should too. Your skin and hair will thank you for using our products.

All our cosmetic products hold Cosmetic Product Safety Reports so you can rest assured that they are all deemed safe by a Chartered Chemist. Skin is your largest organ so why wouldn't you want to ensure that you use the very best ingredients. No palm oil, no lanolin, no liquid paraffin or white paraffin. Made with beautifully hydrating oils and butters that can penetrate and moisturise rather than just sitting on top creating a film.

As an eczema sufferer myself I know only too well that the prescription creams available don’t help. They just coat the skin with white and liquid paraffins, lanolin, silicons and other cheap products that will not heal your beautiful skin.

You need to go right back to basics using oils and butters that will feed your skin, gently helping it to repair and flourish. It doesn’t happen overnight, it requires perseverance, soaking in therapeutic bath salts and regularly moisturising. Of course diet and water intake plays it’s part too but I’m here to help so please do reach out if you’d like a little more info. I should add I am a qualified beauty therapist too.

Natural Haircare

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Luxury Dessert Candles

Looking for the perfect Special Occasion Gift, we have now released our beautiful range of luxury Dessert candles made with beautiful Whipped Wax and Wax Melt Embeds

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