Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Bars - No Silicons, SLSA or Palm Oil

Beautiful Syndet Solid Shampoo Bars with no silicon or SLSA.  A Syndet Shampoo bar is a Solid Shampoo bar that contains natural surfactants (normally in powder or noodle form).  These are the rice like granules that you can see in the Solid Shampoo Bar.  These are not made with SLSA which is a common ingredient used in Syndet Bars.  Our aim was to not include this surfactant as it can be a little drying on the hair.  After much time and effort we managed to devise a formula that does not contain SLSA, it contains mild natural surfactants that doesn't compromise the lather or bubbles of the Solid Shampoo Bar.

Solid Conditioner Bars are smooth in appearance, packed with hair loving oils and butters which are super concentrated and will last a long time.  They contain absolutely no water so less is more. 

The Solid Conditioner Bars contain no silicons which feel nice on hair initially but after time can build up on your hair resulting in loss of shine and that squeaky clean feeling that we all love.  

There is no transition period to using either Solid Shampoo Bars or Solid Conditioner Bars. After shampooing and rinsing you can slide the Solid Conditioner Bar down the length of your hair (avoid the roots) you don't want need to condition the roots unless your hair is super dry.  Massage the Solid Conditioner Bar into your hair and you will start to feel the conditioning agents and beautiful oils getting to work.  

If you can leave it on for a couple of minutes you will allow the conditioning agents to hydrate and nourish your hair. If you can't you can simply wash out.  Solid Conditioner Bars can also be used as a deep conditioner which can be left on your hair overnight for an intensive hair treatment, or can be left on for a couple of hours to really feel the benefits of the wonderful oils and butters to nourish and hydrate your hair. 

Packed with hair loving ingredients each Shampoo and Conditioner Bar has been formulated to work together.  Different Carrier Oils are used in different hair types and we have done lots of research into their fatty acid profiles to ensure the best oils and conditioning agents are used for the best possible outcome for your hair type.  We have had lots of fantastic reviews on these so please do check out our social media.

3 different varieties to suit different hair types including:-

BALANCE for greasy roots and fine hair fragranced with a beautiful Bergamot Essential Oil which is a light citrusy fragrance.  Contains Vitamin C powder and French Rose Clay for it's natural colour and which is nourishing for your hair.  Using light oils, nothing too heavy for fine or greasy hair, we use an Apricot Kernel oil blend to ensure nothing too heavy.

NURTURE for dry and damaged hair with Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera and Peppermint & Eucalyptus Essential Oils.  Avocado Oil is a viscous oil, green in colour and is a super hydrating oil for skin and haircare.  It has a wonderful blend of fatty acids and contains Vitamins D and E and beta carotene to help nourish and moisturise dry hair.  This complements the NURTURE Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars beautifully.  The bars are coloured green naturally from a beautiful French Green Clay.

NAKED for sensitive hair/scalps or those with curls it contains no fragrance - packed with Bamboo Extract, Jojoba Oil and natural hair loving ingredients.  Bamboo extract is said to help with strength, softness and shine and is a great product for Curly Girls. It is also said to contain anti oxidant and anti irritant properties so can be helpful if you suffer with any scalp conditions, dandruff or itchy scalp.  It also contains a high silica content which is an important trace element that can help strengthen hair and can help with elasticity.