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Handmade Whipped Soufflé Soap

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Beautiful handmade luxury Whipped Soap available in various fragrances and colours which you can select at checkout.  

Made with beautiful skin loving ingredients including Apricot Kernel Oil and Kaolin clay.  Has a beautiful creamy bubbly lather.  Scoop out of jar and massage into wet skin.  Bubbles will start appearing.  Rinse off with water.  Remember to replace the lid after use as the soap will dry out if left uncovered.  Turn pot upside down and shake after use to avoid water sitting in container.

Please note that the piping in the pics does flatten when the lids go on so please don't expect the soaps to arrive like the pictures - this is just to show you how they are made.

These are mainly dupes of popular fragrances such as:-

Bubblegum - Blue & White smells just like bubble gum

Goddess - aka Carolina Herrera perfume  - Pink and white 

Hypnotic - dupe of Alien perfume - Mauve & White

Midnight Opium - dupe of Opium - Mauve

Cherry Berry - lovely fruity fragrance 

Miss Koko (dupe of Coco Mademoiselle) Pink and Light Green

Totally Tropical (dupe of Lilt) 

Packaged in PET plastic container  contents weigh 95g

These are all beautifully fragranced with high quality fragrance oils. Suitable to be used as shaving soaps as well as in the bath or in the shower.

Simply wet hands, grab some soap, lather up and enjoy the fragrant bubbles and rich creamy lather.  These are all packaged in PET plastic which means they can be recycled but I do offer a Refill service so if you are local and would like to drop off your containers I will wash, sterilise and reuse your container.  My little bit to save the environment.