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Soap Bar Avocado Purée, Avocado Oil, Spirulina Wild Fig & Cassis Sensitive Sore Skin

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This is a beautiful avocado purée and unrefined cold pressed Avocado Oil. Beautifully fragranced with Fig & Cassis Fragrance Oils so imagine a green herbal accord with notes of fig leaf, raspberry, cassis and rich plum along with fig notes blended with a woody base.  Coloured with natural Spirulina. Colour will fade as this is a natural colourant.

 Available in large size 90-100g, small size which is 35-50g and wrapped in beautiful seed paper that you can moisten, tear and sow under a light sprinkle of compost ensuring to keep the paper moist at all times.

So this beauty contains Avocado oil and Avocado purée. So what are the benefits of this beautiful dark green oil:-

•. Persea Gratissima is a highly nutritious and therapeutic oil for skincare. It comes from what is known as a “fruiting body”, the flesh that surrounds the seed, similar to olives.  Pressed from the soft fleshy fruit and used for cooking, eating, skincare and cosmetics.

•. It has an impressive percentage of unsaponifiable compounds which include Vitamin A, B & E, proteins and amino acids as well as a small amount of phospholipid lecithin.

• The oils action helps increase water soluble collagen in the middle layer of the skin called the dermis. When lacking soluble collagen the skin appears aged and thin.

• The phytosterol content of avocado oil supports collagen and skin structures helping prevent age spots and cell wall weakening while calming inflammation, regenerating tissues and protecting the barrier functions of the skin.

• Avocado is one of several oils high in carotenoids that provide natural protection against the effects of uv rays of the sun. Protecting and regenerating, the oil is easily absorbed.

• For those with sensitive or damaged skin it can help repair and soften skin tissue healing scaly skin and scalp.

• The unrefined oil has an especially high unsaponifiable fraction, up to 11% and is very thick and green.

• The colour will tint soap a beautiful green colour

All my soaps have been assessed by a Chartered Chemist and I hold CPSR's for all my products.

I use the very best ingredients to ensure a good hydrating bar of soap with good lather and bubbles. All my soaps are made with unrefined, raw and cold pressed oils which means they keep all their natural properties which include:-

  • olive oil
  • canola oil
  • cold pressed virgin raw coconut oil
  • castor oil
  • Unrefined shea butter
  • Essential oils or high quality fragrance oils
  • Mica and biodegradable glitter
  • Botanicals

All my soaps have been vigorously tried and tested before sending off to be assessed and formulas tweaked along the way. Follow me on Insta and FB to watch my live videos and cuts @buddhaandbubbles

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Available in Large, Small size