Candles Dessert with Whipped Wax

A beautiful range of Dessert Candles with piped whipped wax.  This range includes Dessert Candles with stunning whipped wax and there are also Dessert Candles with Crystals.  We use a superior quality Plant based Wax ensuring a clean burn and a good scent throw.  Read full description to find out the crystal's benefits. 

Dessert candles contain Wax Melt Embeds that you can remove from the top of the candle and place in a wax burner if you wish.  You can also let them burn naturally into the candle.  Please ensure that you you are placing your dessert candle on a heat resistant flat surface to ensure no damage if wax drips.

Fragranced with good quality fragrance oils or essential oils.  All our dessert candles are CLP compliant.  Dessert Candles can be personalised with your own message.  Remove crystals, wax melts and any botanicals before burning. Candle care cards are included with each candle.