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Candle Large Lily Berries with Whipped Wax

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Large Candle with whipped wax and a beautiful Lily Berries fragrance oil.

Imagine fruity strawberries with a blast of lilies, a popular Zoflora dupe  candle will be pink and white in colour. 

Our hand-poured soy wax candles feature a unique whipped wax design, adding a touch of sophistication to any space

Indulge in the long-lasting fragrance experience of our premium soy wax candles, offering up to 45 hours of burn time. The clean-burning nature of soy wax ensures a healthier and environmentally-friendly option compared to traditional paraffin candles.

Our decorative whipped wax candles are designed to elevate your home decor with their elegant and luxurious appearance. Each candle is handmade and carefully crafted to provide a visually stunning centrepiece while filling your room with a delightful strong scent that lingers for hours

Explore our curated selection of large soy wax candles with a long lasting 45-hour burn time and whipped wax design, perfect for enhancing the ambiance of your home or gifting to someone special. Elevate your space with our premium quality candles that offer both style and substance

Luxury Dessert Candles are available in Large sizes,  Candles are 30cl and have a burn time of 

Check out our Build Your Own Candle if you would like to customise your candle with your own colours and parfum