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Candle Large 45 hour burn Luxury Whipped Wax Candle For Her Narciso Rodriguez dupe

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Embrace Luxury with the Whipped Narciso Rodriguez Dupe Candle

Imagine a decadent dessert candle, its surface a cloud of fluffy, whipped wax, waiting to be unveiled. This isn't your average treat, though; it's the Whipped Narciso Rodriguez Dupe Candle, a handcrafted masterpiece capturing the essence of the iconic For Her perfume. With its generous size and impressive burn time, it's the perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself!).

Whipped Indulgence:

Dive into the luxurious texture of our signature whipped wax. Light and airy, it creates a delightful visual experience that complements the captivating fragrance. This unique texture also ensures a clean, even burn throughout the candle's impressive 45-hour lifespan.

Plant-Based Elegance:

Rest assured, this luxurious experience respects the environment. The candle is crafted from a premium blend of plant-based waxes, offering a slow burn that's kind to both your health and the planet.

A Fragrance of Enigmatic Beauty:

Close your eyes and inhale deeply. The captivating fragrance, a best-selling dupe of Narciso Rodriguez's For Her perfume, takes center stage. A unique blend of aldehydic green notes provides a touch of freshness at the outset, followed by a heart of elegant floral notes – rose, jasmine, muguet, and freesia. These delicate florals intertwine seamlessly, creating a sense of sophisticated femininity. The fragrance is then grounded by warm base notes of precious woods, musk, and amber, adding depth and ensuring the scent lingers long after the candle is extinguished.

Highly Scented for Lasting Luxury:

This isn't just any scented candle; it boasts a high scent throw, meaning the captivating fragrance of For Her effortlessly fills your space. Light it for a touch of elegance during a special occasion, or simply indulge in its luxurious aroma anytime you need a moment of self-care.

The Perfect Gift for Her:

With its generous size and captivating fragrance, the Whipped Narciso Rodriguez Dupe Candle is the perfect way to show someone you care. Whether it's a birthday gift, a thank you present, or simply a way to celebrate a special woman in your life, this candle is sure to impress.

Embrace the luxury and captivating scent of the Whipped Narciso Rodriguez Dupe Candle. Handmade with love, it's a gift that keeps on giving for a full 45 hours.

Candles have a 45 burn time and include candle care cards.