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Solid Conditioner Bar NAKED Fragrance Free

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Solid Conditioner Bars are smooth in appearance, packed with hair loving oils and butters which are super concentrated and will last a long time.  They contain absolutely no water so less is more. Our Solid Conditioner Bars contain no silicons which feel nice on hair initially but after time can build up on your hair resulting in loss of shine and that squeaky clean feeling that we all love.  

Our NAKED Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars are great for sensitive hair/scalps or those with curls it contains no fragrance - packed with Bamboo Extract, Jojoba Oil and natural hair loving ingredients.  Bamboo extract is said to help with strength, softness and shine and is a great product for Curly Girls. It is also said to contain anti oxidant and anti irritant properties so can be helpful if you suffer with any scalp conditions, dandruff or itchy scalp.  It also contains a high silica content which is an important trace element that can help strengthen hair and can help with elasticity.

It includes but is not limited to:-

Conditioning Agents 

Jojoba Oil which is super hydrating for dry hair

Unrefined, Raw Coconut Oil which is a great oil for hair as it’s able to penetrate the hair shaft 

Kaolin Clay adds hardness and colours the bar and is also hydrating to the hair

Pro Vitamin B a great humectant that ensures your hair stays beautifully moisturised

Bars Weigh minimum of 30g

Because this is a concentrated bar a little goes a long way so less is more  


Wet hair and bar 

Slide bar down hair shaft avoiding roots 4-5 times depending on length of hair.  Massage conditioner into hair.  Rinse well until squeaky clean.

Leave to dry out thoroughly between uses 

Avoid mucous membranes and direct contact with eyes.  For external use only.